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Courts in China Are Adopting Blockchain-Based Electronic Seals to Protect Property



China has been aggressively promoting and incorporating blockchain in various private and government sectors. Now, the judiciary system is utilizing blockchain technology where Chinese courts are going to use blockchain-based e-sealing services to protect properties from being damaged.

The first use of this e-sealing system was by The Executive Bureau of the People’s Court in Haidian District, Beijing, to seal a property in Chaoyang district, reported Global Times. This decentralized e-sealing system makes use of installed cameras to monitor the property in real-time.

The blockchain system has been coded in a way to alert the authorities through mobile phone notifications if the camera detects any intrusion or damage. The system will be equipped to take still photographs of the intruder and alert the law-enforcing authorities.

How is Blockchain Used in the E-Sealing System?

The primary use of blockchain in the e-sealing system would be data monitoring, data security, and management. The data stored on the blockchain could be utilized by only authorized parties such as the investigating agencies who can check the whole history of the property.

After the successful use of the blockchain-based e-sealing system by the courts of the Haidian District, several other district courts from East China’s Jiangsu Province, South China’s Hunan Province, and East China’s Jiangxi Province also showed interest. They announced that they would also use a similar system for sealing and monitoring sealed properties.

Before the current e-sealing system, Chinese courts have incorporated blockchain for court procedures in 2019 as well, where almost 3.1 million Chinese Litigation activities were settled using smart contracts, and the whole system was popularly called “smart internet courts.”

The president of this Beijing Internet Court believes blockchain integration and use in the judiciary has helped to collect and provide evidence in cases, as well as fosters social credibility development in the country.

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