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News Launches, the Documents Blockchain is Live


on srl has built the most scalable and flexible tools for companies to manage business documents with Blockchain technology.

Press Release updated: May 6, 2019

In response to global digital transformation trends, s.r.l., a startup company from Italy is pleased to announce that, The Documents Blockchain ™, has launched. combines traditional B2B document exchange (EDI) with the latest blockchain technology. A state-of-the-art, federated blockchain has been specifically developed to exchange commercial documents to enhance privacy and security. will allow companies to encrypt, exchange and sign business documents to ensure three crucial aspects:  

1. Paternity: The document was created by a declared sender.
2. Non-repudiation: The sender cannot deny having sent the document. 
3. Integrity: The document has not been altered during transport. is an open-source software project, based on a  new blockchain technology focused on the needs of enterprise customers. uses the environmentally friendly Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm developed by Tendermint inc., a variant of a new family of algorithms inspired by decades of research in distributed systems. Until the advent of Tendermint, most blockchain networks relied on the Nakamoto (proof-of-work) consensus algorithm, which consumes a great deal of electricity. is a federated blockchain of independent nodes, open to 250 million companies, where each company can manage its own node. The transaction validation process will be managed by a group of 100+ validator nodes managed by independent companies coordinated by the newly formed Enrico Talin, CEO of s.r.l., commented, “Our ultimate goal is not just to share documents, but to create a network of trusted organizations.”

Enrico Talin


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