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Coinbase CEO to Answer all the Questions of Crypto Community via Live AMA



Coinbase CEO to Answer all the Questions of Crypto Community via Live AMA

Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong isn’t an active person on social media which he very much acknowledges and plans to rectify. Recently Armstrong took to Twitter to share that he is “a bit of an introvert,” and isn’t all that good with interacting with the community. But he wants to take a step towards it and have the community know who he is and what he is all about and further answer all questions. Not really but only the non-troll ones, as he specifies.

And now he is looking for “scalable” ways that are introvert-friendly for which he is “thinking of trying a live video AMA this week.”

Though many wants to know when a specific coin will be listed on Coinbase, others want things to be cleared as the topics range from the controversial Neutrino acquisition and about the “hiring and then firing” of its employees and transparency to the future plans of Coinbase and Armstrong’s crypto holdings.

“Some people say Coinbase is anti-Bitcoin. Is that true or false?” while some want to know about this, others have questions on Coinbase Pro’s lack of “more advanced yet still relatively basic trading features.”

Interacting with the community is an essential step towards creating a tangible and long-term bond with your audience as we have seen with Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, it works as one enthusiast commented,

“It’s good to interact with the community. That is why we LOVE & TRUST cz binance so much!”

Empowering Venezuelans with GiveCrypto

In another event, Coinbase is working on giving crypto via its crypto charity fund GiveCrypto to the people belonging to the economies like Venezuela that are going through hyperinflation. For this, they set up a store in “close proximity” of the recipients along with a new version of Coinbase Wallet that runs on 4.x as Venezuelans still use it.

Meanwhile, after a third power outage in a month, Venezuela finally recovered to the most part on Saturday. The South American country was plunged into darkness on Friday evening with 15 states affected.

After a week-long power cut that began on March 7, the country went through another blackout on March 25th. While the government said that the power cuts were due to cyber issues, the opposition claimed the collapse of electricity system was because of the lack of adequate efforts in infrastructure.

“The intermittent power outages we did not anticipate. Crypto still needs internet and electricity to function, although there are some potential relay type solutions in low connectivity environments that we could try in the future,”  said Armstrong.

They are now working on finding a scalable way to get the evidence of impact and to measure fraud.

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