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Christoph Lymbersky is Founding a New Startup Company That is Expected to Fundamentally Change the Venture Capital Industry



EMPORIUM will be a trading platform for venture capital investments which will give private investors access to venture capital financing and the opportunity to trade it at any time.

Press Release updated: Jan 7, 2019

Preparations are currently still running in stealth mode behind closed doors for a launch that has the potential to change the venture capital industry forever. Christoph Lymbersky, who has already successfully founded and sold several companies and has been increasingly active as an investor in recent years, is currently recruiting a top-class team. Among the team will be experienced partners and investment managers from top-tier investment funds such as Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital and T-Venture, who have outstanding investment experience and a reliable network. 

“The venture capital industry is still very static at the moment. Investments are usually held for several years and the market is limited to the network of existing investors. At the same time, this financially very lucrative market is only accessible to very wealthy individuals and professional funds. EMPORIUM will change this industry from the ground up,” says Dr. Christoph Lymbersky.

Especially in times of a low interest rate policy, investors are looking for investment opportunities that go far beyond the expected 1% fixed deposit interest rate or 3% real estate investment. With a 25% expected return, the venture capital market is a market that 99% of investors have not been able to access so far. The blockchain based EMPORIUM platform will change this and make venture capital investments as well as shares tradable anytime and anywhere.

Currently, EMPORIUM is still being developed and in consultation with various investors.


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