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Charles Hoskinson Criticizes Justin Sun, Takes Aim At EOS And Bitcoin SV Too





Charles Hoskinson Criticizes Justin Sun, EOS And Bitcoin SV

EOS has had a hard time lately, and this looks set to continue for a substantial period. Despite the recent announcement from the token’s parent company,, the digital currency is still performing dismally.  According to Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Cardano and Ethereum Classic blockchain, the eagerly-awaited EOS announcement was a big disappointment.

Hoskinson issued these sentiments while replying to a question concerning the new roadmap design released by Cardano. The improved roadmap focuses on the crux, an update that aims to make the Cardano blockchain 100 times more decentralized that the Bitcoin network.

Specifically, Hoskinson was asked if Cardano’s roadmap was designed to focus on specific investors. In response, he said that the platform doesn’t think much about investors. Charles backed this stance by saying it is bizarre that companies have investment theses on the crypto industry, although they know that the markets are highly volatile.

In addition, Hoskinson claimed that Justin Sun, the CEO of Tron, had no ideas. He further mentioned that Sun’s $4.6 million with Warren Buffet, a known critic of Bitcoin, was a move aimed at increasing the hype around Tron’s TRX.

Lastly, Hoskinson also fired shots at Craig Wright concerning the hard fork that resulted in the creation of Bitcoin SV. In this regard, he stated that market manipulation as the primary reason for the surge experienced by Bitcoin SV in May. Charles noted that legitimate projects often go unnoticed and may even fail to garner the attention they deserve. Contrariwise, it is the lost causes that go an extra mile to try and keep their investors happy.

In other news, announced plans to introduce a social network based on the EOS blockchain. The platform, called Voice, will enable users to have full control over their info, as well as the third-parties that have access to such data.

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