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Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce: Blockchain Jobs Offer Highest Paying Salaries



It’s an excellent time to be a Canadian blockchain bigwig, according to the recent report from the Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce. This Commerce concluded that the blockchain industry salaries are one of the highest paying salaries within the country.

The Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce has recently released its October report. This report, directed towards the country’s blockchain environment ecosystem, showed many insights about the industry’s health, legal needs, and strengths within the far-northern country.

Over 150 participants were used to collect the report they unveiled this month. All participants came from the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, as well as from Canada’s own government and academia. The Blockchain Research Institute enacted the study, with close support from Accenture’s professional services.

The report took a closer look at Canada’s blockchain ecosystem, specifying by region and the size of a company. This report stated that government commitment is paramount to move this extremely innovative industry forward. Legal clarity is a thing that the cryptocurrency industry within Canada simply does not have.

Don Tapscott, the BRI’s chairman, stated that the blockchain industry within Canada is both diverse and growing. However, there have surfaced a fair amount of challenges that stop the industry from reaching its full potential. Things like lack of business services and funding, coupled with opaque regulatory environments, make it incapable of growing as it should be.

The report claims that Canada is in a very good position to become a global leader in the cryptocurrency industry. However, the ecosystem’s significant challenges make it a bit of a far fetched dream at this time. Lack of funding, transparent regulatory environments, and business services are just the start. General lack of education of what a blockchain is, coupled with the banking and auditing firms refusing to cooperate, have mired the industry as a whole.

Better Industry; Better Salary

One of the biggest positives that came from the report is the knowledge that the cryptocurrency industry is one of the highest paying industries within the country. The average annual blockchain is over $98 000.

Tanya Woods, Managing Director of the Chamber of Digital Commerce of Canada, explained how that was. She stated that Canada has an existing ecosystem based on innovation. This ecosystem offers the best talent there is to the blockchain hub. That, coupled with pro-growth policies, can be leveraged by the country’s blockchain industry very effectively. Woods stated it was apparent that Canada’s ecosystem offers incredible opportunities for those with the skill and interest to partake in the blockchain industry.

From Canada to India

The blockchain industry has proven itself a globally lucrative business. Even countries against the new form of currency cannot stop its citizens from using it, not entirely. India has been trying to pass laws that will see ten-years’ imprisonment for having anything to do with cryptocurrencies. As the world takes sides on this new front, it’s going to be interesting to see what it looks like in five decades from now.

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