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C# VS Java: Which One Suits You Best?



c#-vs-javaIf you’re trying to find a comprehensive C# VS Java comparison – you’ve come to the right place! It can be really hard to choose just a single one programming language to learn whenever you’re just starting out in the field of programming (or Computer Science, in general). While universities and colleges have their own sets of rules on which programming languages they teach, it can be a bit harder for individual learners, especially if you’re looking for something very specific. This is where comparison articles come in – you don’t only find out about (at least) two programming languages (their pros and cons, etc.), but are also able to choose one that would suit you the best.At the very beginning, we’ll talk about each of the two languages individually. We won’t go too in-depth, but you’ll have the ability to get to know some of the fundamental information about each one of them. After covering the languages and the difference between C# and Java, we’ll establish some key points of our C# VS Java comparison. Finally, at the very end, we’ll do the comparison itself.

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Whether you already know all of the intricacies of programming, or this is your first time hearing about either C# or Java – it will be good to read through a short introduction of both of the languages in question. The advantages are quite obvious if you’re a beginner – you’ll be able to develop a pretty good understanding of both of the languages before moving on to the actual comparison.If you’re an advanced programmer already, it may still be beneficial to read through some of the more basic information on Java and C#. The better you get at programming, the more automated your work becomes – you don’t really think about most of what you’re doing anymore, it becomes muscle memory and a habit. That’s why a refresh is always nice. And you never know – you might even learn something new along the way!That being said, let’s begin our C# VS Java tutorial by taking a look at Java.


c#-vs-javaJava’s inception began in 1991. It was created by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton. To this day, it is most widely known for its slogan WORAwrite once, run anywhere. This slogan is used to describe Java’s universality – code written with Java can be used in many different platforms and situations.

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The whole concept behind Java was that it has to be object-oriented, simple, familiar and secure. All four of these principles are the cornerstones on which the language is built. The familiarity aspect was being covered by making Java’s syntax similar to that of the C and C++ programming languages. This is because both C AND C++ were the most popular programming languages in the early 90s.Java does receive a lot of criticism, too. People state that, even though the programming language managed to maintain all of the above-mentioned goals, there is one field where it still lacks in – aging. There are quite a few claims that Java simply hasn’t aged well, and that other popular programming languages are already way ahead. However, Java aims to dispute these claims by releasing Java 9 – this version of the language comes with a whole variety of new updates and innovations.Having talked about and described the main points of Java, let’s continue this C# VS Java article by talking about C#.


c#-vs-javaCreated by Anders Hejlsberg in 2001, C# is a general-purpose programming language. It has a high level of abstraction and supports a lot of different programming disciplines.Same as Java, C# is an object-oriented programming language (otherwise known as OOP). This is a really important point if we’re talking about a C# VS Java comparison – OOP languages have somewhat become the norm in the world of programming. An object-oriented language focuses on objects and classes instead of putting emphasis on the logic that defines them. This allows the programmers to reuse their code for later, different projects and makes the process of programming much more smooth, overall.If you, as a C# developer, decide to use Visual C#, you will also have a built-in code editor. Many programmers love C# because it’s very versatile. And how can it not be – C# was created in Microsoft! Not only does this guarantee a great performance, but it also means that the language is well documented and has plenty of support for any and all issues that may arise.One of the bigger disadvantages that C# possesses is that if you want to code a .NET application, you will have to do it through the Windows OS. This can be a huge setback for some programmers that are adamant on using a Mac or any other OS out there.So then – now you know some of the fundamental information on both of the languages of the C# VS Java comparison. To continue, let’s try to figure out the main difference between C# and Java – after that, we’ll move on straight to the comparison part of the article.

C# VS Java – The Main Differences

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Now that we have the basics down and figured out, let’s quickly talk about the main difference between C# and Java.Honestly, the very main difference between the two programming languages in the C# VS Java debate is their intended use. Java is mostly dedicated to mobile app (more specifically – Android) development. As opposed to that, C# focuses on web and game development. Having said that, it’s worth mentioning that the two languages are actually probably more similar than different – they can both be used for web development, but also have their own, designated uses!Another thing worth mentioning is that while Java is very flexible and can be easily used for cross-platform development, C# lacks sufficient parameters to be able to do so. This is an important aspect for programmers who value flexibility in their everyday work.

Comparison Criteria

By now, we’ve established some general information about both C# and Java and mentioned some of the fundamental differences between the two. Before you actually decide whether you want to learn and use C# or Java, however, we still need to go through some of the main focus points for the C# VS Java comparison. There are many different aspects which we could focus on, but this would take a lot of time and a very, very long comparison article. Instead, I’ve chosen three distinct features that people are most often interested in when they’re trying to find a proper programming language to start learning.The three features are ease of use, community support, and salary. Just so that we could both be on the same page, let’s quickly go over them, one by one.

Ease of Use

As time goes by, programming languages that are easy to use and master are quickly rising in popularity. Senior programmers often classify this as a bad thing. According to them, if a person chooses to learn a high-level programming language as their first real venture into the world of programming, they lose a lot of opportunities to develop their logical thinking and math skills, and miss the point of the philosophy of programming, overall. While the topic truly is controversial, the numbers tell it all – people are searching for programming languages which wouldn’t require a lot of time to learn, and the C# VS Java comparison is no exception.A huge part of why that’s the case could be blamed on the competitive job market. Even though you are almost guaranteed to find a stable and well-paying job as a programmer, there are still some companies and positions that are very sought-after. If a person learns to the programme, he or she can then enter the job market much faster, and start building a name for themselves.

Strong community support is a very important feature for any programming language out there. The community helps to not only keep the language alive (so to speak) but also provides great learning opportunities for newcomers of the industry. Allow me to elaborate.

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Whichever language out of the C# VS Java debate you might end up choosing, you’ll probably want to start learning it online, either through courses, YouTube videos, or in any way else. Now, in order to have a fun and productive learning experience, there has to be a lot of relevant information about the language which you could choose from. Popular coding languages offer various different sources to choose from, so you shouldn’t have to worry. As opposed to that, if we weren’t talking about any of the two C# VS Java languages and would be referencing some other, unknown programming language, chances are that you wouldn’t really be able to learn it through online sources – there simply wouldn’t be any.In addition to that, popular programming languages have people that will answer any and all questions that you might have related to the language itself. This means that you will never encounter a bug that you wouldn’t be able to get around or fix.


Last but oh-so-definitely not least, let’s talk about the programmer’s salary. As you probably know, it’s usually one of the main (more commonly – THE main) points of attraction when it comes to learning a new programming language or getting into the field of Computer Science, in general.Not every programming language offers the same salary, though. This is also true in our C# VS Java comparison – both of these languages provide different paychecks at the end of the month. Naturally, the amount of money you can expect to earn depends on a few different things – the complexity of the programming language in question, your skill level with it, the company and even the location of your job (geographic, that is – the salaries may vary by huge margins in different countries). One thing’s for sure, though – programming, as a whole, is a super profitable and stable career path, and that is one of its main attractions.c#-vs-java

The Comparison

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the C# VS Java comparison. We have our foundation, we know the differences between the two languages, and we’ve set our criteria. All that’s left to do is to answer the question – C# or Java?

Which one is Easier to Use?

As interesting s it may be, programmers that have learned both languages state that they are very similar when it comes to the learning curve and ease of use.Although Java used to be easier, recent C# updates have kind of evened out the playing field. Surely, both of them are nowhere close to the simplicity levels of, let’s say, Python, but they are also quite easier than C++.

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Again, believe it or not – both C# and Java are extremely similar popularity-wise. This is probably because they share a lot of similarities in all aspects of the matter. Both languages are great at web development work, but both of them also have specific, distinct uses, too.When it comes to learning C# or Java, you don’t need to worry – whichever one you might choose, there is more than enough information to be found online. Whether it’s a course or an article that you’re looking for, you won’t bump into any obstacles while trying to study C# or Java.

Which one offers a better Salary?

According to, a Java developer’s average annual salary is estimated to be around $88,100 USD. This comes out to be $7340 USD per month. The same website estimates a C# dev’s salary to be a bit over $95,000 USD per year, or close to $7920 USD per month.As you can see for yourself, a C# developer makes a bit more money than a Java one does. The difference isn’t all that significant, but it still adds up. That being said, both salaries are significantly above the average, and are nothing to scoff at!


So, what would be the conclusion of this C# VS Java comparison? Well, both languages are similar, that’s for sure. However, if you want to aim more towards game development, then C# is definitely the way to go, while web development-focused people might find Java the more suitable choice.I hope that this comparison was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new about both C# and Java! Best of luck, and until next time! ext-align: right;”>Like what you read? Give us one like or share it to your friends
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