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BTC Miners Make 4 Times More Daily than BCH and BSV Miners do Annually



Top 6 Most-Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining Countries In The World

Top 6 Most-Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining Countries In The World

Montreal-based technology company, Shakepay recently took to its social media platform in which a comparison in miners’ earnings was revealed.

In particular this involves those mining Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin SV [BSV], but in the form of transaction fees.

The bar graph dubbed, “Bitcoin Tx Fees vs BCH/BSV Tx Fees,” shows that Bitcoin transactions amounted to $550K on July 31, 2019 compared to the combined amount of a little under $150K generated by Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV in a full year.

That said, of the three crypto assets, it’s BSV miners that make the least in earnings. News outlet, Bitcoinist also reported on this matter, mentioning that on average, Bitcoin miners make roughly $200 in transaction fees per day. They’ve also referenced a Twitter user, AwyeeBitcoin @DeaterBob, who shared that,

“Bcash has collected $156 in fees over the last 24 HRS. LMFAO ROFL. Bcash is an unsustainable affinity scam.”

Bitcoin transaction fees supposedly remain one of the lowest, especially when compared to existing remittance services. According to the claims made, a Bitcoin whale moved nearly $468 million in transactions with as little as a $400 fee charged.

This not only shows yet another reason why traditional services need to either distanced from or improved, but also the fact that BCH and BSV are nowhere near the giant!

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