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BRD launches Blockset platform for enterprise blockchain development



BRD, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet, has announced the launch of an enterprise-focused service called Blockset, a blockchain data integration platform offering a suite of tools that will enable engineering teams to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications, access on-chain data through a single API, and write transactions in real-time on multiple chains.

Blockchain support is available for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Hedera, and Ethereum. BRD plans to support the top 15 blockchains by the end of 2020. Currently, over 20 companies are evaluating Blockset in a private pre-release program, including SBI Holdings, KPMG, and Ripple.

“BRD’s consumer business now supports and keeps safe over three million customers worldwide with $6B USD worth in crypto assets. Today’s financial environment is rapidly supporting crypto assets, and with 90% of major banks now exploring crypto, it’s clear that there’s a quiet groundswell of new initiatives and opportunities within the enterprise blockchain segment. That is why we developed our own proprietary platform (Blockset) which banks, financial services, and large crypto companies will now be able to leverage to accelerate their time to market and deliver enterprise solutions to scale on a global basis for a fraction of the development costs.”
– Adam Traidman, CEO and co-founder of BRD

Key benefits of Blockset include:

  • Accelerating the development of blockchain products by automating on-chain data extraction and delivering them into new enterprise crypto applications.
  • Reducing the hosting costs and development costs associated with supporting blockchains by providing major chain support and node hosting ‘out-of-the-box.’
  • New usage scenarios for all enterprises looking to consume blockchain data and write to blockchains for transactional application support.
  • BRD app users will be able to benefit from faster blockchain sync speeds and a higher level of usability.

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