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Braiins re-brands after six-year involvement in Slush Pool 



Today, Braiins, a full stack cryptocurrency mining developer and pool operator, ​has announced that they are rebranding​, and are taking a more public approach on their six-year involvement in the operation and development of the original cryptocurrency mining pool, Slush Pool.

Along with giving their brand a new look, they’ve planned significant upgrades for their platforms to provide their users with a smoother and more streamlined experience.

Of the company’s recent rebranding, Braiins co-CEO Jan Čapek said, ​“We have continuously worked to redefine the mining industry and set new standards throughout the past six years.  Slushpool, Braiins OS, and any future products we might release require unified and smooth  branding that will tell the world who built them.”

Braiins has planned out the following tactics:

  • After eight years, Braiins has unified the look and feel of their products & services.
  • The company has planned major updates for both Slush Pool and Braiins OS to make them even more streamlined and user-friendly for its users.
  • Looking ahead, Braiins is planning on launching new initiatives in the second half of the year.

Braiins​ is a full stack cryptocurrency mining developer and pool operator based in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 2011 by Jan Čapek and Pavel Moravec,  Braiins focuses on growing the Bitcoin ecosystem through the development and operation of mining and related software & hardware. In 2013, Braiins took over the operation and development functions of Slush Pool, which these days mines approx ​10%​ of all new  Bitcoins through its infrastructure. 

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