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BlockSpeak Conference Mumbai & Bangalore 2017



Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin/Altcoins) are continuing to gain widespread adoption; the Indian market has begun to blossom, and Genesis Mining has been there to sow the first seeds with the launch of BlockSpeak. Our goal was to create a conference where we could create awareness regarding cryptocurrencies, mining, and Blockchain technology in untapped markets and also provide the community a platform for networking and discussing investment opportunities.

As part of our initiative, we launched a Hindi version of our website and we started building partnerships within India’s cryptocurrency community. We’ve been a regular presence at various conferences across the country, having sponsored BlockZero 2016 and Bitcoin Talk 2017, both hosted in Mumbai.

We’ve seen an increase in our Indian customer base; we’ve seen an exponential growth in website traffic from India; and to further support the education of a technology we love, we partnered with MoneyFramesTV, an educational platform in both Hindi and English, presented by renowned blockchain educator and evangelist Sunil Aggarwal.

But there was still more to be done. There were still a foundation to lay for a financial revolution.

On March 8th in Mumbai, the very first edition of BlockSpeak began. We followed up soon after in Bangalore, on March 10th.

Dr. Marco Krohn, representing Genesis Mining, spoke about the benefits and need for a new form of money; the basics of blockchain, and its various uses; the role of mining companies and cryptocurrency mining; and investment opportunities at both Genesis Mining, and the Logos Fund.

Sunil Aggarwal took the stage and preached about the positive impact Bitcoin can have on a growing country like India; he drew attention to the parallels between government acceptance in countries like Germany and Japan with the current situation in India.

The post-talks and networking dinners brought out opportunity for the present industry and future industry to communicate about Bitcoin and blockchain trends. We saw a diverse crowd from all walks of life; we saw industry veterans, Bitcoin experts, financial officers, wealth managers, IT professionals and even students. covered the event; NigeriaToday, BitcoinBulk and others soon followed with articles and words of praise.

BlockSpeak India was a great experience for us – we’re now motivated, more than ever, to grow this into a series of global events. Genesis Mining is thankful to everyone who has helped make this event a success!

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for further news; and take a quick peek at our BlockSpeak highlight reel below!

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Sincerely yours,

Team Genesis Mining

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