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Blockchange Digital Assets on Connecting the Crypto Ecosystem



Press Release updated: Sep 18, 2019

​Despite the turbulent road to mainstream awareness that cryptocurrencies have experienced around the globe, they will indeed play a role in the future of finance. The powers that be are talking about that future, sometimes with fear, sometimes with excitement, and often with confusion. With the U.S. Senate probing deeper into digital currencies and blockchain, one thing is becoming clear: the world needs rules, regulations and a general stance on digital assets.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies would be near impossible to ban in the United States. Chairman of the U.S. Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee Mike Crapo (R-ID) said it best:

“If the United States were to decide, and I’m not saying it should, if the United States decided we didn’t want cryptocurrency to happen in the United States, and tried to ban it, I’m pretty confident we couldn’t succeed in doing that because this is a global tech, a global innovation.”

More importantly, banning the revolutionary technology that underpins crypto would put any world power at a massive disadvantage in the evolving global economy. This is not just about Bitcoin; it is about upgrading our economic infrastructure to the digital age.

Since inception, the variety of crypto assets has ballooned from Bitcoin alone to over 3000 different coins and tokenized assets with the estimated total volume traded at $47 Billion in 24 hours at time of writing, according to Coin Market Cap. Traditional markets are expected to gradually migrate to a tokenized infrastructure on blockchain. The billion-dollar question is how to make all of these assets accessible to everyday people; enter Blockchange Digital Assets.

Blockchange is a subscription-based platform designed to solve the problem of a complex and fragmented digital marketplace by integrating all investment interactions into a single interface. The company was founded by Pennsylvania State University alumni, Dan Eyre and Dan Rothrock. Eyre explains, “With hundreds of exchanges out there and thousands of assets available on each, the main barrier to entry was time – and lots of it.” Rothrock elaborates on why their technology is special: “We aren’t focused on the ex-Wall Street guy who codes his own trading bots. What we’ve built is focused on minimizing the number of actions taken by regular people, like us, to handle complex tasks on their behalf.”

With just under $0.5M in pre-seed funding, Blockchange includes features such as portfolio management, custom indexes, instant swaps, real-time charting & technical analysis, news aggregation, sentiment analysis, and research. In the next year, the team is preparing for mainstream adoption as it continues its rapid expansion of integrations. For more information on Blockchange Digital Assets, visit

Shazir Mucklai

Source: Blockchange Digital Assets

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