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Bittunes is a blockchain-powered track streaming platform. Listeners and artists are ready to post track to the platform and earn at the industry and buy of track tracks. Bittunes makes use of blockchain era to trace and retailer the analytics of track observe streams and perspectives and to distribute streaming bills of authentic content material to artists. The carrier is hosted at the Bitcoin blockchain and makes use of the FLEX token. Bittunes lately seems to have two separate comparable web pages, each respectable – and The latter has many of the data (and each may use an SSL certificates).

The demo page for the Bittunes beta internet app.

How does it paintings?

Artists are ready to add songs freely. Listeners and enthusiasts are ready to flow complete tracks ad-free and likewise acquire songs from $0.50 upwards. Purchased songs proceed to generate earnings consistent with the selection of next purchases for the consumer after being bought. Bittunes subsequently conforms to a inventory buying and selling style reasonably than paying out artists on streams amassed. The most sensible play rely on the time of writing is 6,000.

Who can pay?

Everyone. Listeners pay via buying tracks the usage of the FLEX token, in keeping with Bitcoin. Artists also are ready to buy and earn on each and every others’ tracks. It’s kind of like a inventory marketplace, with all entities buying and selling and incomes on paintings in percentage to its long run recognition.

What’s other about it?

Unlike different platforms, Bittunes listeners (consumers) proceed incomes on their purchases once they’ve made them:

From the Bittunes/Flex whitepaper.

Who is it for?

The catalog on Bittunes accommodates tracks starting from low stage bed room manufacturers to the queen of blockchain pop herself, Imogen Heap. Some ordinary and lovely style classes (eg ‘Orchestral Jazz’). Worth noting that their web page accommodates advertising and marketing subject matter in Chinese, and that founder Simon Edhouse was once it appears primarily based in Chiang Mai, Thailand final I checked.

[embedded content]
Screens from Bittunes Android app with founder Simon Edhouse

Why test it out?

The Bittunes Android app isn’t the best person enjoy and nonetheless lovely short of building. However, the industry style is lovely distinctive in permitting enthusiasts to principally industry in track’s futures. Bittunes makes an attempt to appreciate the imaginative and prescient set via Bowie Bonds within the 90s and successfully executed by artists like Gramatik on this decade. That imaginative and prescient is considered one of direct fan-to-artist funding.

How to publish your track

Sign up by means of e-mail, both thru app or internet. Create a ‘Music Maker’ account. Then head over to the upload page of the Bittunes site and drag and drop information by means of the web page.

My easiest select

I’m extra into choice track than the standard low-barrier-to-entry digital track that dominates those new platforms. Give a concentrate to the album The Fall of Winter via Australian meditation composer Sambodhi Prem.

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