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BitReserve Foundation Incorporates in Singapore



Press Release updated: Apr 1, 2019 22:34 HKT

BitReserve (a.k.a. BR) Foundation has successfully registered under the jurisdiction of Singapore during the first week of March. The BR Foundation is a civil oriented, multi-nation cryptocurrency organization committed to breaking the monopoly of centralized corporations in the financial sector, and its goals are to satisfy end users’ needs in financial applications by providing them a fairer, more convenient, and more secure environment than found in the other stablecoins currently available. The mission of the BR Foundation is to establish and maintain an international stable cryptocurrency, BRUSD, and to develop BRUSD supporters on a global scale to make BRUSD the most influential stablecoin throughout the world, which can be further utilized by end users as a secure and stable financial application tool.

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency with a stable value. The background of the establishment of the stable currency is that the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates greatly, and an exchange medium is urgently needed to connect the digital currency world with the real world. Current popular stablecoins like USDT are centralized in nature, and periodic accounting balance checks have yielded suspicious results in the transparency of the centralized institution. Government risks are also very high in the sense that these stablecoins are not central bank backed, which means if governments choose to, they could outright ban all digital forms of their national money.

The BR Foundation is targeting clients in the financial industry, and Singapore is a fertile breeding ground for potential partner acquisitions. Crypto regulations are more defined in Singapore than other parts of Asia, and with a robust economy, the revolutionary BRUSD stablecoin that is pegged to the U.S. Dollar has the ability to take off. BRUSD will provide an edge in safety, speed, and convenience for all users, and the Foundation is committed to providing the best service and utility available to all clients.

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Source: BitReserve Foundation

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