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BitPay Blocks Crypto Payment Donation of $100,000 To Amazon Rainforest Fire



The payment processor BitPay was heavily criticized recently after rejecting the payment of $100,000 USD that was made to a charity company focused on helping the Amazon rainforest. According to a recent tweet, the issue was caused because the donor tried to donate an amount of money that was deemed too high to be normal and was beyond the accepted threshold.

Amazon Watch, the organization which would receive the money, tried to contact BitPay, but was unsuccessful at first. Only when the issue went public that the issue was solved.

BitPay is already working to solve the problem and trying to contact the donor in order to allow the payment to be properly made.

This has sparked some outrage in the community, as many people got angry that a donation to such an important cause was blocked and the whole situation is so hard to solve.

The Amazon Rainforest Is Burning

The last few weeks, the Amazon Rainforest is being burned at a high speed. Most of the fire started in Brazil and there are strong suspicions that local farmers started the fire. Not only this has caused a severe environmental crisis but also a political one.

Brazil’s government has been accused of not doing enough to stop the fires and to even encourage them as president Jair Bolsonaro has relaxed some of the environmental laws of the country recently.

He also accused several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on saving the Amazon of starting the fires, which only made the international outcry even bigger. Now, the country may receive sanctions from European countries such as France.

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