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BitForex Introduces 2nd Turbo Project — Mycro (MYO)



Press Release updated: Jun 4, 2019

Following a successful first foray into the scene of premium project acceleration programs, BitForex unveils the second project to be featured on their Turbo platform.

Just over a month ago, Unification’s UND token sold out in just one minute and 53 seconds on BitForex Turbo, cementing the exchange’s efforts to highlight worthwhile projects for community members to take a closer look at.

Now, a second project is coming — Mycro and the MYO token will appear on BitForex Turbo starting on June 11, giving potential buyers the chance to join the ranks of other MYO token holders at a relatively early stage of the project. ​

Mycro is a platform aimed at offering small jobs in local communities, enabling people to harness their time to make extra money by doing small tasks or exchanging money for more personal time by posting their daily chores for other users to do.

This system is built on a blockchain-enabled review platform, allowing users to earn verifiable and legitimate reviews for their services or job postings, which can be transferred to other future projects in an effort to make a simple review as valuable as it can be. Users will be able to build up trust and reputation that cannot be taken away from them.​

Mycro’s token sale was well reviewed, earning a 4.4/5 and a 9.5/10 from ICObench and ICOmarks respectively. Through BitForex Turbo, Mycro gains the reliability and trust of a cryptocurrency exchange at their back, adding weight and credibility to the project as they move into a new phase of growth. Users can participate in the Turbo Token Sale on the official BitForex website (​, starting June 11.

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