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Bitfinex Refutes Any And All Involvement In $1.37 Million Transfer Of Stolen Bitcoin (BTC)





Bitfinex Denies Any Involvement In $1.37 Million Stolen BTC Transfer

Bitfinex had 774,048 BTC stolen from its management back in 2016. At the time of the theft, the tokens were worth $350 million USD only, but now they are worth roughly $5.9 billion USD. To make everything worse, it seems that the stolen money is on the move now.

Earlier today, as reported by The Next Web’s Hard Fork, five transfers were made using the money. The combination of the transactions made 172.54 BTC (around $1.37 million USD) be moved around.

Now, the marketing director of Bitinex Anneka Dew was interviewed by the crypto media outlet and affirmed that the movement had nothing to do with the company at all, which means that the hackers have probably decided to move the money themselves.

The movements started at around 7:00 a. m. UTC and were reported by Whale Alerts, a Twitter profile that reports large transactions.

Possible Interaction With Bitfinex?

One of the main reasons why people are speculating whether Bitfinex is involved or not is because the company’s recent white paper stated that some of the leaders were interested in dealing with the thieves.

The idea was to offer them a portion of the money so they could safely keep it and give most of it back to the exchange. This way, the hackers could escape with some money but most of it would be back to the exchange, which would solve the matter.

These rumors were quickly dispersed as the company answered the media, though. Bitfinex is not involved at all in the transactions.

So far, most of the funds lost by the exchange are still currently missing and no one knows where to find them. The police are involved in the investigations but it is still far from getting a clear answer about what will happen.

No one knows what’ll happen now. By moving the funds, there is a larger chance that the hackers may be found, but they still have plenty of chances of eluding the police so far, unfortunately.

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