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Bitfinex adds margin trading for Tezos (XTZ) and Stellar (XLM)



Bitfinex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange company, today announced the addition of Tezos (XTZ/USD, XTZ/BTC) and Stellar (XLM/USD, XLM/BTC) to its margin trading facility.

Margin trading will be available on the new Tezos and Stellar markets at 08/14/2019 2:00 PM (UTC). These pairs can be traded with an initial equity of 50% and a maximum of 2x leverage.

More Collateral 

In addition, Bitfinex informed that clients will now have more crypto options that can be held as collateral for margin trading, specifically XTZ, XLM, Cosmos (ATOM) and Ampleforth (AMPL), with a haircut of 50%.

Previously, only margin-tradable crypto could be held as collateral for margin trading. The Bitfinex team says that its new risk management system can now allocate different levels of risk for different tokens.

The maximum leverage or initial margin requirements can be adjusted according to the token’s associated risk. Due to this, the exchange is now capable of adding new non-margin crypto, in this case, ATOM, and AMPL, to its list of collateral assets.

Source: Bitfinex

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