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Bitcoin Millionaire, Augur Co-Founder Jeremy Gardner Wants a TV Reality Show ‘Crypto Castle Chronicles’



The 27-year-old founder of Augur, Jeremy Gardner, wants to be the new star of a reality show TV. The young man, who is also an early Bitcoin investor and became a millionaire, wants to be the star in a new show: Crypto Castle Chronicles.

The program, which was produced by Adrian Basch, who also contributes to CNBC’s Crypto Trader program, is set to give a “real insight” on how the world of crypto startups really are.

According to Gardner, the program’s name and the content will be inspired in Crypto Castles and the places where crypto people live. The idea was to focus on an apartment in San Francisco and a mansion located in Miami. This way, Gardner would show the lives of people working in the crypto industry.

Obviously, the show would end up being a lot about him. Gardner is often referred to as the king of crypto and is one of the most famous personalities to appear at parties and crypto-related events.

He confirmed that the idea of the show is to be an “educational reality TV”, something that was done before. Gardner declined several invitations to make a show about his life before because he really wanted to do it his way.

The goal of the show is to also focus on other crypto personalities and to explain to the world what the crypto industry is by following his daily life and his journey until he got rich.

According to him, reality TV is a great way to pass information because it is really easy to digest. Because of this, the idea to unite entertainment and education in this kind of show was born.

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