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Bitcoin is Mankind’s Greatest Tech Gift Due to No Third Party Value Exchange: Ex-Google Africa CEO



Bitcoin is a Gift To Change Humanity

Stafford Masie, the general manager of WeWork South Africa and former CEO of Google Africa, has recently talked about Bitcoin. According to her, BTC will certainly change the future of mankind more than any innovation that appeared before it.

She affirmed that only Bitcoin could be used as an exchange of value without the need for any intermediary and that this was a very important “gift” to mankind.

Masie affirmed that, unfortunately, cryptos are often misunderstood. They are viewed as complicated, but they actually have great potential. She said this;

“Facebook and Google make money because they have your data, but they don’t pay for access to your data. However, when you talk about the ability to have infinitesimally-sized pieces of value so someone can pay you […] for using your data … […] the promise of cryptocurrency is to actually take power away from those large companies.”

For instance, several countries still do not have a very digitized financial sector and barter systems still prevail. In this case, if people do not have the means to access electronic forms of money can use BTC to unlock this potential.

To her, the main interesting point about Bitcoin is how underdeveloped economies can use it, not the ones that already have a properly functioning financial system. In this case, it can be a very secure way to enter the digital financial work.

She also highlighted some common misconceptions about the token. For instance, she affirmed that BTC is not easy to hack. Exchanges can be hacked, yes, but because they are centralized parties. No one can hack the BTC network, they can hack exchanges that hold people’s BTC. If someone is not using these exchanges, the money will be safe.

Masie is a very strong supporter of decentralization. She affirmed that Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google concentrate much of the wealth of the world. It is because of this that more people need to find decentralized solutions to their problems. Adding;

“Whether it’s Libra, when we talk about ICOs and different things, the fact is that it’s no different from when stocks and bonds were startup financial services.” […] “It’s going to happen. The Internet can’t be shut off.”

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