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Bitcoin Expert Eviscerates US Treasury’s ‘Fascist’ Crypto Blacklist



In a dialogue about the United States Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control’s addition of cryptocurrency addresses to the “no pay list,” Bitcoin speaker and famous person Andreas Antonopoulos known as the transfer “completely useless” and “fundamentally fascist.”

US Treasury Blackballs Bitcoin, Petro Addresses

US treasury bitcoin blacklist

The US Treasury has blacklisted plenty of crypto addresses. | Source: Shutterstock

Not simply Iranian Bitcoin addresses were added to OFAC’s listing, but several other blockchains as well, together with the Petro. OFAC’s database isn’t searchable through cope with, which led the Let’s Talk Bitcoin host to signify that it must by hook or by crook be fed into crypto nodes in order that wallets can mechanically warn customers.

Antonopoulos identified that a standard Bitcoin consumer can generate countless addresses and use them. Blocking one cope with simply ends up in the advent of any other. Specifically, the writer of “Mastering Bitcoin” mentioned:

“Keep in mind, this is not a technological control. The reason it’s not a technological control is because it’s so absurd it couldn’t ever possibly work as a technological control. Your average laptop computer can generate billions of Bitcoin addresses per second on a single seed. And use any and all of them. So blocking an address is completely useless, if you consider that a technological control.”

Antonopoulos believes the aim of including cryptocurrency addresses to the “no pay” listing is an effort to scare other people clear of the use of Bitcoin. After all, it’s each unlawful to ship and obtain transactions to other people at the listing. If you obtain a random cost or donation, you haven’t any means to make sure of its foundation.

Crypto Blockchains: More Draconian Than Fiat?

blockchain analysis bitcoin crypto

Blockchain analytics corporations have raised tens of millions of dollars to listen in on crypto transactions after which promote the knowledge to the federal government. | Source: Shutterstock

Then there may be the problem of “blockchain surveillance,” which displays later use of cryptocurrencies after an preliminary transaction. A coverage of Coinbase, as an example, is to watch for a number of hops after coin leaves a consumer’s account. If they resolve that one thing untoward took place with the crypto in a while, they are able to revoke your account (and freeze your belongings, in some circumstances).

The means Bitcoin works, a transaction is legitimate as lengthy it conforms to the principles of consensus. Bitcoin has no integrated censorship mechanisms. If an Iranian trade sends you a Bitcoin transaction, or the inverse occurs, the transaction isn’t topic to the regulations of guy. It’s topic to the regulations of Bitcoin. But when you smash the regulations of the United States govt, you’ll to find your self in sizzling water. Antonopoulos went on:

“If you consider it a political control whose intent is to have a chilling effect on the ability of US citizens to use cryptocurrencies – just like the capital gains tax was designed very similarly – then it all makes sense. This has zero effect as a technical control. It has an enormous effect as a political control.”

‘It Will Only Be Enforced By Selective Prosecution’

bitcoin handcuff prosecution

Antonpolous mentioned the one solution to put in force the Bitcoin blacklist was once via “selective prosecution.” | Source: Shutterstock

The burden is at the consumer of the cash, no longer the federal government, Antonopoulos mentioned.

“[B]y shifting that burden, whereby you have to not only have access to this database but you have to keep it up to date, and then you have to be able to prove that at the time that you did the transaction and checked the database, that name wasn’t there. But oh, 17 seconds after you did the transaction, that address was added. How could you possibly know? But look, it’s in the computer. Therefore you should have known. It gets impossible to enforce and it will only be enforced by selective prosecution.”

The well-known Bitcoin speaker known as the coverage “fundamentally fascist.”

“So the whole point of this is to create a sledgehammer law that can be smashed on the head of anybody who steps out of line and chill the activity of everybody else. It’s fundamentally fascist in nature.”

After OFAC added the Bitcoin addresses of 2 Iranians, people still sent them Bitcoin. They embedded political messages within the Bitcoin blockchain, as smartly.

Meanwhile, cash remains king relating to cash laundering and criminality. It’s basically more straightforward to bankroll crime with money than it’s with cryptocurrency. If the federal government asserts that cryptocurrencies necessarily sponsor criminality or are a “form of money laundering” (as Chuck Schumer as soon as mentioned), then they must recognize that the forex they factor does so extra successfully and extra incessantly.

Listen to the entire communicate here.

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