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Bitcoin (BTC) Only Saw 2 Red Yearly Candles in 8 Years; Top Crypto Surged 194,409,702%



Bitcoin Only Saw 2 Red Yearly Candles in 8 Years & Surged 194,409,702%

Bitcoin Only Saw 2 Red Yearly Candles in 8 Years & Surged 194,409,702%

Quick Facts:

  • The years 2014 and 2018 that followed the bull markets have been the only two red yearly candles
  • 125 months old Bitcoin only registered three months of losses in its entire existence

In 2018, Bitcoin went through a brutal crypto winter, however, as a matter of fact, there was never any winter. The leading cryptocurrency has been enjoying gains throughout its 8 years.

Bitcoin was created in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008 by an unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto. A digital currency that can’t be printed out of existence and is deflationary unlike cash while progressing towards becoming a store of value like gold but with more portability, non-confiscatable and with much higher returns.

An interesting perspective shared by crypto enthusiast paTo shows how on the yearly chart, Bitcoin only saw six green yearly candles out of the ten amounting to gains of more than 194 million percent.

The only two red candles are the larger bear markets where the first one was in 2014 that followed the Bitcoin bull market of 2013, registering the biggest yearly candle ever. 2018 was the year when Bitcoin registered the second early red candle which was yet again led by the bull market of 2017 when BTC price went to $20,000 peak.

Additionally, as can be seen clearly, the first red candle was overcome in the next two years and the second is ready to be engulfed by the 2019 green candles which still has half the year left in it to show its green colors.

Despite still being a nascent technology that the world has to gain the full understanding of, the world’s top cryptocurrency is one of the best performing assets that has so much potential.

Bitcoin only had 3 Months of Losses in its Entire 125 Months Old History

Another interesting perspective is shared by Bitcoin Birch on Twitter that reveals in the entire 125 months old history of Bitcoin, there had been only three months that resulted in losses.

If one bought Bitcoin in any of those 122 months except for the three, they would have raked in only profits. As we mentioned above, for an early investor, it would have resulted in the profits of a whopping 194 million percent.

This is further evidence of Bitcoin being the best performing asset. Additionally, it fades the meager losses incurred by people in those three months or during the bear cycles that follow bull cycles and led by bull markets as well.

Currently, BTC price is at $8,250 having crossed $9,000 level in a year. This pullback which has been seen incoming will only lead us to a higher number of $10,000 that is expected to push the Bitcoin market into the FOMO and drive yet another BTC price all-time time.

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