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Beowulf Blockchain Launches QUICKOM App to Transform Communication Services using QR Code



Beowulf Blockchain Launches QUICKOM App to Transform Communication Services using QR Code

Beowulf Blockchain, a fully decentralized cloud communications network for enterprise and consumers, has launched the first service on their platform called QUICKOM, an application that allows users to create custom QR codes to use as an inbound communication method that records all transactions on the blockchain.

The new application is expected to enable customers and recipients to scan the QR code they have been sent through the camera on their smartphone, or find it on company social media pages to initiate a phone call. According to its press release – QUICKOM is a new technology leap that provides “a new QR-code based calling service gives enterprise and individuals new levels of privacy and ease of connectivity.”

This service will also change the way people can communicate with each other personally. Rather than giving out a personal phone number, people can create their own QR code, each time they want to create a new one, with customizable options from one-time validity, expiration date, budget limit and more. This will give power back to people who are incessantly harassed by telemarketers, and even nefarious parties.

For enterprise solutions, customers will now be able to directly call businesses without the need to dial a hotline number or download any software. By scanning the QR code provided directly, or found on company social media pages, customers can instantly call the customer care center anytime, or anywhere, without any specific software. 

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