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Authoreon opens pre-orders for microscopes to verify products on blockchain



Authoreon, a decentralized authorization, authentication, verification, and certification platform built on Ethereum, announced its NanoLense and NanoCam products are now available for pre-order. Shipping starts on December 1st, 2019.

The solution enables brands to regain control over their distribution channels. Authoreon assists in limiting grey and black-market sales, and to track down counterfeit producers and retailers.

Authoreon’s optical scan technology allows users to verify original products against counterfeits. Use cases include the luxury, pharma and automotive parts sectors, to name a few.

On a microscopic level, every material such as leather, textiles, plastic, wood or even metal has a unique surface structure. Even two evidently identical items out of the same batch differentiate in high resolution.

Authoreon Products

The products are based on a sophisticated image recognition algorithm, which enables comparison to a manufacturer’s stored scan.

In combination with Authoreon’s A-ID, a machine-readable optical label, each micro-scan creates a digital twin of the product on the blockchain.

The Authoreon NanoLense is a portable microscope extension for smartphones to capture micro-scans. It features up to 400x magnification to help verify originality. The device is easily attached to any smartphone camera — no cables, additional light or external power source required.

Authoreon NanoCam is the counterpart is the Authoreon NanoCam. It is a portable or static microscope camera for industrial use in production lines. It allows brands and manufacturers to capture unique micro-scans of original products to store them on the blockchain for future verification.

The Authoreon NanoCam is a portable/static microscope camera for industrial use required to capture micro-scans of original products.

Both portable digital microscopes will be available on Authoreon’s official site and worldwide on online shops and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten. The product launch will also enable Authoreon to upsell all of its products, including its dApp store to consumers and corporations.

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