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apM Coin Starts Securing Users Ahead of Service Introduction



apM Coin recruits users through “apM Members and Bittrex Global Registration Event”. 1,500 people pre-registered on day one of the event, laying the foundation for commercialization

Press Release updated: Nov 5, 2019 21:47 HKT

On November 4th, apM Coin, a blockchain project from Korean wholesale fashion giant apM Group, announced the commencement of activities to secure users as part of the commercialization of services at Dongdaemun apM Place.

Celebrating its worldwide listing on Bittrex Global scheduled for November 14th, apM Coin is holding an “apM Members and Bittrex Global Registration Event” from November 4th to 16th. This event is designed to secure users and increase awareness by introducing apM Members and Bittrex Global to all customers and visitors of apM, apM Place, and apM Luxe malls. apM Coin will offer gift certificates worth 20,000 won to the first 5,000 customers who visit the event venue at apM Place and complete registrations in both the apM Members app and Bittrex Global.

On the first day of the event, roughly 1,500 people visited the event venue and signed up for apM Members and Bittrex Global, confirming significant interest in the platforms. Most participants were from China, apM’s main customer base.

The apM Members mobile app is on track for release in December of this year. Customers who pre-register at the event venue can use the service immediately upon release, digitizing cash payment methods to make shopping and earning rewards more convenient. In addition, apM Members will provide exclusive benefits in a number of key business areas including auxiliary facilities provided at the apM shopping malls.

“We have successfully started an impactful campaign where we can introduce the apM Coin project directly to customers and visitors of apM shopping malls,” said an apM Coin team member. “Customers who do not understand blockchain technology have shown interest in the launch of apM Members, and we were able to confirm the foundation for commercialization of our platform.”

apM Coin’s “apM Members and Bittrex Global Registration Event” will run until 5am KST on November 16th.





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