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Amid Distrust in Centralized Organizations and China’s Currency Wars, Max Keiser’s Bitcoin Price Prediction of 15K Could Happen





The host of RT’ show Keiser Report, Max Keiser has pointed out that he believes that BTC will cross $15,000 mark in just a week.

He later tweeted that he is so confident that he has burned yet another $10,000 in USD “shitcoins.” He said:

“I’m confident. So I just burned another $10,000 in $USD shitcoin. Correlation does not equal causation, but whenever I burn a few thousand $USD, BTC price goes up significantly.”

Max is extremely bullish on Bitcoin claiming the coin is set to breach the $100,000 USD mark and will (in 15-20 years) become the best performing asset in the world. The BTC enthusiast tweeted praising the impact BTC is having on gold’s price as the digital coin reignites investors belief towards hard money.

According to him, Bitcoin’s bottom close to $3,200 in December 2018 was the beginning of a new bull trend in which Bitcoin would only grow from there.

In another tweet, Keiser stated that the current chaos in fiat currencies will push the BTC prices to over $15,000 this week. On Sunday itself, Bitcoin grew by a thousand dollars.

bitcoin chart

bitcoin chart

What’s interesting is that Keiser’s predictions seem in line with digital asset research firm Delphi Digital latest reports. The report says:

“First, and arguably most important, sentiment from global central banks took a drastic turn towards more dovish monetary policies. The Fed, ECB, BOJ, PBOC, and many others are now preparing market participants for more rate cuts and additional stimulus measures as they attempt to keep the current economic expansion going.”

Central bankers’ consent about the requirement for quantitative easing originates a geopolitical sketch molded by extended trade strains amid the United States and China, limited GDP growth in Germany, and the intercepted aftershock of a probable no-deal Brexit.

Although a surge from below $11,000 to over $15,000 seems somewhat farfetched, it may actually be quite plausible while considering the bullish technical formations BTC has been incurring.

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