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AMFEIX: Effective Blockchain Investment Trading Fund?






AMFEIX is the world’s first pseudo-anonymous blockchain trading fund. The indefinitely scalable investment Fund aims to solve one of the most limiting and long-due issues of the current investment market. First off, AMFEIX is the only global blockchain investment fund. It operates with strict risk management procedures to ensure that it fulfills adequate consecutive trades to maintain an overall positive return.

Only a small percentage of the pooled funds is left to circulate and traded to generate profits. The rest of the capital is securely stored in several ledger cold wallets. The platform embraces the highest level of security standards, as it aims to protect its clients from any possible inconvenience.

AMFEIX Features

  • Real-time Information: AMFEIX provides real-time access to fund statistics with automated deposits and withdrawals.
  • Pseudo-anonymous: Users on AMFEIX can prove their identity without revealing their personal information.
  • Transparency: It’s possible to keep your personal information safe by using pseudo-anonymous addresses.

Blockchain Fund Details

AMFEIX puts investors’ funds into one pool managed by experienced traders on liquid exchanges. With a team of professional technical traders and analysts, the platform can execute open market operations on a daily basis and make profits from the volatility.

Key details of the Fund include:

  • Pseudo-anonymous: prove your identity without giving out personal data.
  • P & L Currency: BTC
  • 24/7 Support: Team and investor chat can always help with any of your queries
  • Local credentials: Store your passwords encrypted in your computer
  • Referral Program: Earn 10% of your friend’s profits
  • Faster withdrawal: Your withdrawals are processed immediately. Please allow for 24 hours for your funds to reflect in your account.

How AMFEIX Manages Investors’ Funds

AMFEIX employs a number of positions to manage investor funds, both long and short-term strategies. The platform has allocated 54.5% of its portfolio to its short-term strategy through its trading desk. This is where it makes regular trades in various crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto pairings.

The pairings are chosen for their projected returns from the digital assets with a history of high performance and strong potential future gains. Similarly, AMFEIX analysts choose pairs with a low-risk profile to maximize returns while safeguarding funds.

Getting Started on AMFEIX Fund

To start investing on AMFEIX Fund, you need to create a wallet on their official website, Once your wallet is ready, you can send funds from your current accounts to your personal wallet on AMFEIX Fund. Importantly, adding funds to your wallet is easy, even for beginners.

The AMFEIX wallet is an integral component of the Fund, which separates it from other traditional investment funds. Given that AMFEIX operates on the Ethereum network—the wallet is completely decentralized. This implies that no government or central authority can manipulate or control the wallet.

Importantly, AMFEIX Wallet comes with 12 random seed keys that you can use to link your device to the account. The seed keys must be accompanied by a password consisting of eight characters. This ensures that your account is secure and safe from hacking attempts at all times.

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