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1st Customer Survey Results



In October, we did our first ever customer survey, and we were thrilled with the results. It took us a little while to go through all the responses (there were over 2500!), but we wanted to share the most interesting points with you.

  • Stunningly, almost half of our respondents are happy with the current mining portfolio! However, we’ll still be adding the most promising cryptocurrencies as soon as we get the chance: since completion of the survey, we’ve added Zcash Mining and Monero Mining. We’ll keep you posted on new integrations!
  • Over half of you think Bitcoin will be the king of cryptocurrencies in 2017; the rest of you believe cryptocurrencies will catch up to it next year. We’ve always been big supporters of altcoins so it will be exciting to see how 2017 will turn out!
  • We’re very happy that our user interface and our customer service are among the things we’re doing right, but Genesis Mining is of course not a final product. We’re always working to make it the best experience possible and will continue to do so.
  • You like our user interface and our website. You dislike that we don’t offer better predictions of Bitcoin mining profitability. We’re not surprised, but that’d be like predicting the stock market. Nevertheless, we’re working on offering more in-depth information!
  • The most important use-case of cryptocurrencies? Most of our respondents prefer ease of use, fast payments and privacy. A handful enjoys the investment aspect and technological use it can bring, especially the integration into IOT-platforms.
  • Most of you found us through your own personal research (or through reviews), with a sprinkling hearing about us via social media, friends and family, and BitcoinTalk Forum.
  • Surprisingly, cryptocurrencies see quite a large use of activity – a quarter of you spend them on goods and services once every few months, and a quarter of you have never spend them. The other half use them quite frequently in their day-to-day life.
  • Speaking of not spending – just under half re-invest their mining reward into the cryptocurrency industry, while thirty-three percent prefer HODLing!
  • Most of you are concerned with fake operations and scams; the other half of you are worried about security holes, government regulation, and surveillance. Last year, we’ve written an article about how to spot a scam – you can read about it here.
  • Three-fourths of you said you’d use a wallet if we offered one – that’s a challenge and we’ll keep you posted on all new upcoming service features.

Your individual feedback in the survey is of great importance to us! It’s stunning how much feedback we have received and it’s really appreciated! Especially your insights into how we could improve and articulate Genesis Mining. We want to thank everyone for providing their insights – we’re already working on improvements! We’ll keep you updated on any new surveys.

– Your Genesis Mining Team

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