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$10 Million in Paxos Stablecoins Printed Overnight Following Tether Allegations



More than 10 million Paxos Standard stablecoins were minted in the 18 hours after the New York Attorney General’s bombshell allegations about rival issuer Tether.

Chad Cascarilla, CEO of Paxos, which issues the Paxos Standard token, said the company saw a surge in demand overnight.

“There was a lot of minting that happened yesterday throughout the day and overnight as well,” Cascarilla told CoinDesk Friday morning. “I think that’s definitely a function of the news because PAX started trading at a very significant premium to Tether and the dollar.”

He attributed this behavior to increased demand for his firm’s stablecoin, adding:

“We don’t pre-mint PAX, so the PAX [volume] is going up or down based on market demand for Paxos dollars … so that increase is definitely related to market demand and I have to assume it’s because of the Tether news.”

The NYAG claimed Thursday that crypto exchange Bitfinex had lost $850 million in customer and corporate funds to a payment processor, and was making up the shortfall by borrowing reserves from Tether, the company behind a dollar-pegged stablecoin of the same name.

Doubts rekindled

Tether has long claimed that each of its nearly 3 billion circulating tokens are backed 1-to-1 by U.S. dollars. But Thursday’s news rekindled long-simmering questions about whether Tether indeed has nearly $3 billion in holdings.

Traders seem to be fleeing to other stablecoins in light of the allegations.

Indeed, according to, stablecoins not named tether have seen massive volume increases over the past 24 hours, with the majority trading at a premium as well.

USDCoin, the Gemini dollar, TrueUSD, DAI and Pax have all seen their prices climb above the dollar as Tether fell to $0.99.

Chad Cascarilla image via CoinDesk archives

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