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Best Crypto Tax Software 2020



We have already discussed that in some countries, the legislation presupposes cryptocurrency operation taxing. Residents of some European and Asian countries have to declare their revenue from crypto trading. However, all those calculations might be pretty confusing. This is where crypto tax software comes in handy. Today, we will observe the best crypto tax software for you to make an informed decision and sleep soundly knowing that you have no debts. 

What Is Tax Software Used For? 

To put it simply, tax software programs fetch the information about your crypto operations and automatically calculate the amount of taxes to be paid to the government. Some of the software suits feature automatic tax report generation – this is a great option that eliminates the need for manual work with documents.

Crypto tax software is a perfect option for beginners and those who perform regular crypto transactions and don’t have time to track them all.

Top-7 Best Cryptocurrency Tax Software

1. CoinTracking

Established: 2013
Supported exchanges: 50+
Price: 0 to 0.03 BTC/year

Founded in 2013, CoinTracking was one of the first crypto tax software solutions and has proved to be one of the most efficient alternatives for cryptocurrency specialists. With its wide scope of functionalities and sensible pricing, it is one of the leaders of the industry.

CoinTracking’s most outstanding functions include:

  • Interactive charts;
  • Calculation of main points, 
  • Profit/loss and audit statistics
  • Reports about all types of gains;
  • Double-entry list;
  • Tax declaration capital gains report (12 tax methods supported);
  • Bitcoin predictions (experimental). 

2. TokenTax

Established: 2017
Supported exchanges: 49
Price: $65-$199/year

TokenTax is another famous Bitcoin tax software that both newcomers and experienced merchants can use to guarantee that they are recording their crypto transactions accurately. TokenTax features a wide assortment of functions to guarantee that any kind of crypto revenue you get can be accounted for in a completely tax-compliant way.

  • Main features of TokenTax include:
  • FIFO, LIFO tax models support
  • Minimization 
  • Turbotax export, 
  • Almost 9,000 types of reports and templates
  • Tax advisor chat support
  • Two 30-minute sessions on crypto taxes;
  • NAV calculation
  • Real-time pricing

3. Bitcoin.Tax

Established: 2014
Supported exchanges: 21
Price: $29.95-$399.95/year

This top crypto tax software has been utilized by Bitcoin financial specialists for five years. Today, this is still an exceptionally famous crypto exchange used by both small traders and large investors.

Bitcoin.Tax features:

  • wallets and CSV import income from Coinbase, BitPay, CEX.IO, or CSV;
  • calculation of capital gains;
  • customizable report forms;
  • Import into tax preparation services;
  • FIFO, LIFO tax models support.

4. CoinTracker

Established: 2017
Supported exchanges: 36
Price: $43- $899/year

CoinTracker may be far not the cheapest crypto tax software, but it stands apart for such features as margin trading and tax-loss harvesting. Because of its propelled functionalities, it is recommendable tax software for advanced merchants, which is additionally reflected in the pricing.

CoinTracker features:

  • Simple integration with wallets and exchanges;
  • Crypto margin trading, 
  • Investment performance reports, 
  • Tracking of fees;
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Detailed insight into the portfolio.

5. BearTax

Established: 2018
Supported exchanges: 40
Price: $0.99-$199.99/year

BearTax is one of the most up to date contestants in the crypto tax programming market. Its basic cost is just $0.99/year for beginners, which makes it incredible tax software to support learners and minor crypto traders. 

BearTax features:

  • Connect API or upload CSV;
  • Seamless integration with multiple exchanges;
  • HFT bots;
  • Unlimited transactions.


Established: 2017
Supported exchanges: 23
Price: $0.0-$199.99/year

CryptoTrader.Tax is another cryptocurrency tax software for US-based advanced crypto financial specialists that covers all the significant features you might want. Easy-to-comprehend for new clients, it is a superb solution for minor investors who need to guarantee that they are recording their Bitcoin returns in a fully consistent way. features:

  • Full cryptocurrency income report;
  • Short & long term sales report;
  • Customizable templates and IRS Form 8949;
  • Audit trail report;
  • Direct import of reports.

7. Zen Ledger

Established: 2017
Supported exchanges: 12
Price: $149-$999/year

Zen Ledger is a straightforward and simple-to-use online crypto tax application that covers all the details you need to specify for filing crypto taxes in the US. While it doesn’t all the features that its counterparts possess, its easy-to-use UI/UX compensates for that.

Zen Ledger features:

  • Audit report
  • CPA access 
  • FIFO/LIFO tax models
  • Unlimited number of exchanges
  • Donations and mining tax calculation
  • Tax-loss harvesting
  • Fincen/FBAR alert
  • Turbo Tax feature


With the help of crypto trading tax software, you will be able to manage tax filing without extra efforts – the above-mentioned comprehensible solutions can perform calculations and reporting for you. Even if you a minor investor, there are cheap and free options available – finding the one with basic functionality won’t be a problem.

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